About Us
We are a Website Design Company based in beautiful Victoria, BC. Founded in 2019 most of our web experts have over a decade of experience. We are making user friendly, highly-converting & SEO powerful Websites.

We implement plans based upon analysis, research and study. Our 10+ years of Experience give us a wide knowledge base. Owning unique "Methodologies" for each service and subservice, we have in-depth processes that are able to provide consistent results.

This is who we are


Justin Mayer Founder/CEO

Justin Mayer Founded Victoria Website Design in 2019 after being offered the domain name. He negotiated a sweet deal and the rest is History. He won the Math & Business award in school, received multiple scholarships, was a basketball and golf allstar and MVP. He has won multiple Golf Tournaments, 2 MVPs and has been on the All Ontario Golf Team. He went to school for Design & Business and is known to be a rabid self educator, often learning many things at the same time. He was a Golf Professional and Professional Golfer before becoming a Sales Co-ordinator for Federated Co-op, managing multi-million dollar accounts. He renegotiated an intermodal contract for them saving them over $3 MIllion in the process. He had a Music Company for 9 years where he had multiple songs on Prime Time Television, produced and performed at the Western Canadian Summer Games, was nominated for 2 BCIMA'S and released over 10 albums. In 2017 he founded a Management & Holding Company that oversees various divisions operating in numerous industries. In 2019 he was lucky enough to buy victoriawebsitedesign.com. Since 2017 he has been focused on helping people. This has been through consultation and for victoriawebsitedesign making sure each client and customer gets a better Website that brings traffic, gets customers and converts them.

This is what we do

Core Values



We believe in having core values. These are things that help guide and shape us, that keep us striving and reaching for the edges of the Universe.

PRIDE – in one's work, with care for doing things right. In one's self.
HONOR – integrity of self, of work, of character.
RESPECT – consideration, appreciation, regard for others, for work.
HONESTY – sincerity, truthfulness.
CREATIVITY – productive, freedom to create, originality, imaginative.
OPTIMISM – to see the best in all things, things are improving, good will triumph.
Our Mission is to make user friendly, high-coverting & SEO powerful Websites.
Our vision, our big goal, is to be the #1 Website Company in Victoria, BC.