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In order to get where you want to go, you first must understand where you are at!

Like if you are up and at it early on a Monday Morning.

share if you despise Mondays and wish they just weren't even on the calendar!

This screen print represents where Victoria Website Designs new Website, which is still in testing stages, score is after only a bit of optimization. 96 on Desktop with some poorly optimized images, sweet!

When #victoriawebsitedesign talks about #websitedesign it includes #websiteoptimization as a vital step.

google ranks your #website on a bunch of different factors. This ranking can and does affect your #ppc cost.

Why pay more if you don't have to?

Good #userexperience also focuses heavily on #WebsitePerformance. A faster Website simply just provides a better experience for the user.

Why risk losing potential clients/customers to a slow performing Website.

websitehosting #consutlation #seo

Check Victoria Website Design to see what a Google Page Speed score of 96 on Desktop looks and acts like.

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