Our Money Back Guarantee

Pride, honor and honesty are 3 of our Core Values. We believe in these things therefore we take pride in our work. If our work doesn't meet our guarantee or we are unable to increase your traffic or conversions (which hasn't happened yet) , then it's our honor to offer you your Money Back.

When we make a guarantee we intend to stick to it. If for any reason you are not seeing results, we will fix the situation so that you do. If the situation cannot be fixed you will receive your money back.

Our guarantee is based on our work and with our clients meeting a few requirements. While it's extremely likely that even if our clients do nothing they will still see the results, things like social media, copy and more can negatively effect results if not done properly. For instance, a client has a small budget and can't afford us to write new copy for them. We will analyze their copy and decide whether or not we can offer our guarantee.

Our happiness guarantee will still apply if for any reason you are not happy with our service. Even when we can't make a guarantee, success and great results are still likely. We do request that clients are engaging in some very beneficial things such as a certain level of social media posting and other non website based SEO and marketing tasks and tactics. We fully and openly provide each client with any steps they must take and how to do them so that we can make our guarantee. We also check in to ensure our clients have understood the steps they must take and help them if they are still uncertain.

There are also situations where, while against our consulting reports recommendation, a client will wish to go ahead on a project with a smaller budget. While we can still get them something that looks great and to their desires, in certain situations we are unable to make the guarantee of increased conversions or traffic. We will always let clients know up front before starting a project we cant guarantee.

Happiness Guarantee

Victoria Website Design also offers a No Risk money back happiness guarantee, including a certain percentage of the deposit.

% of deposit works in a sliding scale depending on how many hours have been spent on the project in question calculated at a discounted rate and the communication between Victoria Website Design and the Client. If the project is equal to or less then $1000 then the balance is due when the rights are transferred from Victoria Website Design to the client. If the project is over $1000 then we will ask for 10-25% more ¾ through the project.

½ of the quote up front as a retainer/deposit to start the project based on the specifications of the quote. If the client, for whatever reason, near or at the end of the job is unsatisfied and there is no other means to rectify the situation, the client will not have to pay for the remainder of the invoice, regardless the amount of hours spent on the project in question. The rights continue to be owned by Victoria Website Design, with the rights to use in Victoria Website Designs Portfolio. The client receives no ownership or rights to any unpaid project.

Example – Client A pays $500 deposit for a project quoted at $1000. Victoria Website Design spends 10 hours. The first few communications went well however the client ended up changing their mind and became unhappy with the direction or results. There was no way to satisfy them other then stopping the project and parting ways. 10 x $50 = $500 * 50% = $250. In this instance we would refund the client $250.